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Anatolian Bezoar Ibex Hunting in Turkey

Excellent results with Bezoar Ibex!

The successful "wildlife" project of Turkey invites the Ibex - hunters to a dream trip. The number of Ibexes has increased dramatically in recent years. The horns of Ibexes which have been bagged in various hunting grounds in the recent years, awaken the interest of the hunters.

The Bezoar Ibexes inhabit an area strecthing from the southwest point of the Egean region to the Mediterrenean region (the whole Taurus mountain chain) till the northeast border region and the East of Turkey.

The Ibex live in forest regions, scattered with pines, oak trees and bushes, or on inaccesisible steep slopes (400-3000m). The Anatolian Bezoar Ibex has a upper body length of 135-150 cm on average and a shoulder height of 90-100 cm. The Ibexes can weigh up to 100 kg, whereas the females have a smaller body structure.

The Ibex has majestic horns curved up, back, and downward. The length of the horns vary from 90 to 150 cm, whereas the female horns measure from 25-30 cm. Both sexes have goatee. Ibexes have dark brown fur in summer; the female fur is more reddish or gold brown. In winter both sexes have greyish fur. The Ibexes have a black stripe from the shoulder to the front leg, the limps and the neck. This stripe darkens as the Ibexes are in the mating season. The Bezoar Ibex is regarded as one of the unique Ibexes in the world owing to its perfect body color and black winter fur.

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