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Anatolian Chamois Hunting in Turkey

Anatolian Chamois ( Rupicapra rupicapra )

The licences for the hunting of Anatolian Chamois are restricted.

Living in Kackar, north - east Anatolia, Turkey, the Chamois prefer steep slopes and peaks at 2000 - 3000 m hight. They have a shoulder length reaching 80 cm and a weight of 50 kg. 

Male and females have black horns, measuring 20 - 28 cm, which grow on their forehead and the points bend backwards like hooks. The fur colorization varies, but Chamois have a dark back strip and a dark head marking. In summer, Chamois live near snowfields, where they feed on grass and herbs.

In winter, they descend to the deep located mountain forests, where they feed mainly on buds plait. Chamois live in herds consisting of 5 - 30 animals.

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