Anatolian Gazelle


Anatolian Gazella (Gazella Subgutturosa)

The goitered or black-tailed Gazelle  is a Gazelle found in northern Azerbaijan, eastern Georgia, part of Iran, parts of Iraq and southwestern Pakistan, southeastern Turkey, Afghanistan and the Gobi Desert. The specific name, meaning "full below the throat", refers to the male having an enlargement of the neck and throat during the mating season.

The goitered Gazelle inhabits sands and gravel plains and limestone plateau. It runs at high speed, without the leaping, bounding gait seen in other Gazelle species. Throughout much of their range, goitered gazellesmigrate seasonally. Herds cover 10–30 km per day in the winter, with these distances being reduced to about 1–3 km in summer.

The licenses of Anatolian Gazelle are restricted. The hunting area is located in the South-East part of Turkey. 

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