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Anatolian Roe Deer


Anatolian Roe Deer ( Capreolus capreolus )

The Anatolian Roe Deer is one of the most popular hunts in Turkey owing to the perfect quality of its trophy and restricted licences. The West, Middle and East Black Sea regions as well as the eastern Mediterrenean region is the habitat of Anatolian Roe Deer.

The upper body length of a full - grown Anatolian Roe Deer is 100 - 140 cm and the shoulder length is 60 - 90 cm. Well - fed bucks reach a weight up to 20 kg, whereas the female weighs 15% less. The red brownish summer fur changes to dark brown in winter.

The horns of an Anatolian Roe Deer weigh 450 - 500 gr on average, however, some of the top bucks which were hunted in the last years had horns weighing 650 - 700 gr. The hunting season is from May to November.

Please do not hesitate if you wish to ask questions and get information.

Anatolia Safari Team



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      Osman KINDIR
      General Director / Anatolia Safari

      Mobile : 0090 532 346 01 28

      Mrs Ilterk, Nilgün
      Hunting Department / Anatolia Safari

      Mobile  :  0090 544 346 01 28

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