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Driven Wild Boar Hunting in Turkey
Driven Hunt

Wild Boar ( Sus scrofa )

Such a successful and joyful driven hunt can not be organized anywhere else but in Turkey, where there are so many natural boar herds, perfect organizations and dreamlike hunting grounds altogether.

After the arrival in Turkey, the hunting trip starts at the airport where a representative of Anatolia Safari awaits to help with the customs procedures. This is followed by a well-organized transfer to the pre-booked hunting ground under professional guidance.

The 4-day-hunting (3 days upon request) is carried out in hunting grounds which have been made ready for accomodation. Well-oriented guides have observed the whole ground, tracked wild boar herds and organized shooting points for you. It is important for the hunters to see the hunting region, the driven team and the dogs in advance.

The driven hunt starts with strategy planning and test shootings carried out far away from the hunting region. According to the hunting achievement, 2 hunts take place in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.

The statistics show that hunters hunt 15-20 wild boars a day on avarage. Most of the hunted wild boars have excellent tusk lengths measuring 20-24 cm and more. The nights can be spend by evaluating the day, enjoying the Turkish cuisine (roast venison on request) and relaxing or celebrating. Note: Hunters may bring their dogs with them.

Please do not hesitate if you wish to ask questions and get further information.

Anatolia Safari Team