Hybrid Ibex


Anatolian Hybrid Ibex

The Anatolian Hybrid Ibex is a fascinating cross-breed between wild Anatolian Bezoar Ibex and domestic goat. The Anatolian Hybrid Ibex has the same habitat with Anatolian Bezoar Ibex in several regions of Turkey. They sometimes live in completely isolated populations.

Hybrids tend to be very similar to a standard Bezoar. It has much longer, floppier ear and the horns flare out significantly in comparison to those of a true wild Ibex.

The best time to hunt an Anatolian Hybrid Ibex is between November and January. The licenses are restricted.

Anatolia Safari Team



        Contact us...

        Osman KINDIR
        General Director / Anatolia Safari

        Mobile : 0090 532 346 01 28

        Mrs Ilterk, Nilgün
        Hunting Department / Anatolia Safari

        Mobile  :  0090 544 346 01 28

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