Konya Sheep


Konya Sheep ( Ovis gmelinii anatolica )

Owing to its special features, concerning appearance, way of life etc., the Konya Sheep have a unique place among their kind. The Konya Sheep have been under preservation because of heavy hunting during the last centuries.

A long, tiring but successful development project carried out since the thirties made it possible for the Turkish government to release very few licences for top Konya Sheep with great trophies in 2006. The prairie of central Anatolia in Konya is the only habitat of Konya Sheep in the whole world.

The Konya Sheep have smooth fur in summers. The color of rams is red brown in summers, mostly with a white back - stripe and the Sheep are brownish. In winter both sexes are darker and have long hair (4 cm on the body, the ram has 10 cm on the breast) on their thick winter fur.
The rams have snail - like, screwd, impressive horns up to 80 cm. It has been observed that old rams have reached mighty trophies during the long preservation period.

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