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Unesco World Heritage Turkey

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has declared more than 1,000 sites around the world to be of outstanding value to humanity.

As of 2020, Türkiye is home to 16 cultural and 2 mixed UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Mixed heritage sites contain elements of both natural and cultural significance. History comes alive as you travel within Türkiye. Sites with unique culture and historical significance can be admired and will enrich your knowledge of humanity’s extensive heritage.

Türkiye has numerous sites on the Tentative List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. As of 2020, the number of sites of cultural, historical, and natural value in Türkiye on the Tentative List reached 84. These are all of great historical importance and undoubtedly deserve protection and international recognition.

Many civilizations from the earliest ages of humanity have settled in Türkiye and have left their mark across this beautiful country. Spectacular examples of natural wonders stand side by side with this rich cultural heritage.