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Wild Boar Hunting in Turkey


Stalking under Full Moon

Wild Boar ( Sus scrofa )

Stalking under full moon or snow (both in winter season) is the best opportunity for wild boar hunters who want to relax during deer-stalking in the untouched nature, landscape or hunting grounds in Turkey, experience a special culture, thus build warm relationships and hunt a strong wild boar to decorate their corner of honour with those excellent trophies.

After the arrival in Turkey, the hunting trip starts at the airport for the hunter where a representative of Anatolia Safari awaits to help with the customs procedures. This is followed by a well-organized transfer to the pre-booked hunting ground under professional guidance. The 5 day-hunting is carried out in hunting grounds which have been made ready for accommodation.

Well-oriented guides are awaiting there to inform you about baiting and strong wild boars. The baiting place is seen in day light before the hunting. A test shooting starts the hunting! According to the achievement of night hunting, we may change the baiting places until we reach the desired number of wild boars.

As the statistics indicate, the best wild boars, even the record wild boars were hunted by stalking hunting. At daytime you can spend your free time for relaxation or sightseeing tours to the nearby environment.
Here you can also enjoy the Turkish cuisine. Note! These hunting trips can be combined with various holiday activities (hunting and beach holidays;-blue voyage;-wellness;-golf etc)

Compared to other hunting destinations, Turkey has a great advantage in wild boar hunting owing to its geographical location and religious belief. The wild boars can reach full maturity as they live in widespread fields and uninhabited areas. The habitation of wild boars comprise almost three quarters of the country with a total of approximately 500 000 km2. The wild boar is unimportant for Turkish hunters because of their Islamic belief. Farmers, however, show great respect to wild boar hunters because every hunted wild boar adds to a good sowing season. Turkey has various climates owing to the surrounding continents Europe, Asia and Africa. In the northern part of the country (Black Sea region and Marmara region), where a humid climate is dominant, reach the wild boars a weight up to 250 kg and more due to good feeding. Enormously strong wild boars were hunted with a record-tusk length over 30 cm. In the Egean and Mediterrenean regions, where a dry climate is dominant, the wild boars have little weight but excellent tusk quality up to 27 cm and more. In order to hunt wild boars, the best procedure is stalking or driven hunt under full moon. Every full moon season in summer is a good time to hunt wild boar in widespread fields and mountainous areas in winter months.

The higher regions are mostly snowy, which makes it possible to track the position of wild boars easily. The hunt season in driven is limited according to the current Turkish hunt laws. 8-15 hunters can join the driven hunt during 15 September-28 February. You have the advantage in summer season to combine wild boar huntwith various holiday activities. Hunting and Beach holiday; Blue Voyage; Wellness; Golf etc. We, the Anatolia Safari team, are always ready to give you service in every respect! We look forward to welcome you to our untouched hunting destination.

Please do not hesitate if you wish to ask questions and get further information.

Anatolia Safari Team

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      Osman KINDIR
      General Director / Anatolia Safari

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      Mrs Ilterk, Nilgün
      Hunting Department / Anatolia Safari

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